We have been waiting very patiently to get our hands on a Fun Factory Vibe for some time now. Although I do enjoy vibrators that are a tad on the larger side, when I saw I had a chance to review a Fun Factory vibrator, it didn’t matter the size.Read More →

My Fun Factory Volita review is not the type of review I was hoping to be writing. I was in hope this would be very similar to the more expensive version, the Volta. Having never reviewed the Volta, but read many reviews and heard many praises, I figured the Volita,Read More →

Our first Womanizer product review!!!!I really enjoy clitoral suction toys, such as the Satisfyer Pro2, Satisfyer Travel, and Lelo Sona. But when I first started exploring this type of toy, the Womanizer brand was the one that stood out and interested me the most. Knowing how much I love myRead More →

Standing at a total length of 8.5″ long and 2.1″ in diameter, Tyler Knight’s futurotic cock is impressive in more ways than you would think. I considered doing this review in a upcoming post on larger toys, which I may still, but this dildo is quite manageable compared to othersRead More →

It’s been a while since reviewing some items from one of our favorites (Tootimid.com). It’s also been a very long time since I tested and reviewed a life-like ass/pussy masturbator. The last one I reviewed wasn’t the greatest experience, because the size of the item was definitely not life sizeRead More →

Doc Johnson produces many amazing looking realistic dildos and masturbation sleeves, but there has been one other item they make that has been on our list to review. The Doc Johnson Tryst. We reached out to Doc Johnson many times, but to no success, we were never lucky enough toRead More →

My wife and I love mixing it up and trying new positions. It didn’t take too long for us to find out one our favorites was with her hips lifted in missionary, giving me more of an angle to hit her deeper erotic zones. Well this was great and allRead More →

Upon receiving many wonderful items from Body Candy Romantic Treats, we were delightfully surprised with their Valentine’s Day Couples Play Love Box. This absolutely gorgeous gift box was filled with enough playful treats to ignite the passionate fires you and your loved one have been waiting for. Luckily we foundRead More →

“The Me & You line of luxury massage oils and lotions are infused with (gender-friendly) pheromones to make both partners feel attractive and turned on.” – Sensuva Do I agree with their message on the oils making you feel more attractive and turned on by your partner? To answer that,Read More →

I have to be honest….I wasn’t particularly excited about testing out the Clandestine Mimic Plus+. It is so oddly shaped and different from other sex toys, I figured it would somewhat boring or difficult to use and frustrating to get off. But after reading other reviews and hearing all theRead More →