The Velvet Thruster

The Velvet Thruster

After reading many reviews and seeing all the hype on sex machines and pulsating sex toys, we were pleased to have the opportunity to test the Velvet Thruster, by The Velvet Cock. There is so much to say about this amazing toy I am not sure where to start.

Let me begin by saying the company is owned by a husband and wife, who spent many years hosting sex toy parties and experimenting with toys, much like ourselves. They had many years of experience in aerospace engineering and used that knowledge to come up with a handheld sex machine!

The product itself is a handheld motor that produces a thrusting action. They designed four different models. One named that Jackie, which we were able to test, which resembles a realistic penis. Below are the four descriptions of the models you can choose from.

Jackie is a natural shape, resembling a veiny penis. It’s versatile and great for play with an enjoyable realistic shape. Keep this exceptional cock in your life to enjoy when vibration or suction is not the only desire.

Abbey has a stylish design intended to mimic a retro vibrator from the 80s. The smooth tapered head inserts easily and vertical ribs make for a pleasant texture as it bends, thrusts and vibrates.

Frankie is a smooth operator built to deliver strong, long orgasms and exaggerate feeling during playtime. Frankie is all about results; show your libido that you’re not fucking around.

Walter is the ballsy one. And let’s be honest, it’s built for butts. Go for Walter to get all the power of our thrusting sex toys in a butt-friendly shape. A must-have for anal sex veterans.

My wife and I were more than excited to try this beauty out. The Jackie sits at 6.5″ in insertable length and can thrust up to 3 inches! The diameter of the shaft is 1.5 inches and has unbelievably soft veiny ridges, that match the realness of an actual penis. It offers a very flexible shaft to hit all angles when in use. Ten, yes I said ten, adjustable speeds that can reach up to 140 thrusts per minute. I am still working my way up to speed ten, as my husband had me cumming multiple times before speed seven. The orgasms are endless with this device and we have only had the chance to experiment with it once so far. This bad boy may have not only multiple orgasms in its future, but we may need to do multiple reviews to discuss the feeling of high speeds!

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I think this might be our first all 5⭐️review! 😍love it