Tryst Review

Tryst Review

Doc Johnson produces many amazing looking realistic dildos and masturbation sleeves, but there has been one other item they make that has been on our list to review. The Doc Johnson Tryst. We reached out to Doc Johnson many times, but to no success, we were never lucky enough to give it a review. Luckily our friends over at Body Candy Romantic Treats were able to send us the Tryst for review. Yes…they are quite amazing and should be highly considered when searching for your new sex toy.

What Is the Doc Johnson Tryst Vibrator?

The Doc Johnson Tryst is a high-tech, uniquely made, ergonomically designed cock ring-slash-clitoral vibrator. According to the manufacturer, it provides both internal and external stimulation to the male or female body. Furthermore, it’s supposedly ideal for solo missions as well as couple’s play, and as a multi-erogenous zone massager, it’s definitely useful for many different occasions.

I feel like I should also mention that this toy doesn’t function like your standard sex toy, nor does it look like what you’d expect from a male/female pleasure product. As a real all-in-one machine, it’s perfect for the guys and gals, functioning as a cock ring, a nipple teaser, a vaginal vibrator, or even a butt plug. So, it’s obviously designed to make all your other sex toys obsolete. Just don’t forget to slather on the lube and clean it properly when you swap zones.

The Tryst has a thick, tapered base that’s made to function in various ways to provide an array of sexual pleasure. At first glance you may find yourself wondering how it operates, but the two buttons of the top of the toy do all the work and it’s super easy to figure out. 

On the bottom of the toy you will find a textured base for extra stimulation. It also features two semi-flexible bulbous arms with rounded tips – each designed to fit snuggly around the base of the penis or balls, not to mention fit nicely inside the pussy or asshole. So yeah: This luxurious multi-erogenous zone vibrator can be worn as a cock or clitoral massager, but it can also be shoved inside to reach your g-spot or p-spot. Now that’s versatile!

Made from silky-smooth medical-grade silicone, it contains no latex or phthalates so it’s safe for folks with skin sensitivities. The 4-inch circumference and 3.5-inch insertable length of the toy is small enough to remain comfortable yet large enough to take charge of any body type. The overall design consists of three robust motors that deliver 7 different vibration modes. Perhaps best of all is that it operates silently and has a fully rechargeable battery which uses a standard USB cable. Oh yeah, and it’s also waterproof. So, you’re basically only limited by your imagination when it comes to using the Tryst. 

How It Feels

It is hard to describe how the Tryst feels in just one easy way. It also takes some practice in getting the most out of the Tryst. My wife and I personally are still testing it because with more and more practice the more we learn and enjoy from it. So if you don’t enjoy it after a couple tries I can’t stress enough, keep at it and you will find great ways to experience what the Tryst has to offer. But below are a few ways we were able to enjoy the Tryst.

  • AS A COCK RING – It will basically vibrate your pants off, especially on its highest setting. Be warned, however, it can fit rather snuggly around large penises or balls, so lube up if you know what’s good for you. 
  • AS A CLITORAL STIMULATOR – The super powerful motors and wide range of vibe functions will shimmy and shake your clit into submission, especially if you use it with a partner. 
  • AS AN ANAL PLAYTHING – Not the best thing for butt play, the Tryst will still stimulate your anal canal in a pleasurable way. Although it’s supposed to be shaped for p-spot pleasure, it may be difficult to separate the two bulbous arms enough to get it far enough into your anus. Then again, you can always use it as a clip and vibrate your perineum at the same time. It’s pretty much based on your body size. 
  • AS A NIPPLE TICKLER – It certainly works wonders on the nipples, but the highest vibe setting may be a little too intense for some (especially the women). I suggest starting on the lowest function and working your way up to find the speed/strength that works best for you. 
  • G-Spot Squirting!- Using the Tryst to mimic your fingers with the come hither motion, plus vibration! Oh My God…if you can figure this one out it is a lot of fun and can be quite the clean up!