Where to shop


If you’re interested in buying some adult toys or sexy material, Tootimid is the place to go. From day one Tootimid and their customer service has impressed. They also have a wonderful affiliate program if you’re interested in testing and reviewing their products. Bethany, who works there, is amazing. You may recognize her from their YouTube channel or if you follow Tootimid on Instagram. She has been wonderful to work with and has helped us greatly in our sex toy adventures. Tootimid has large selection of toys, including many new items just hitting the market. I highly recommend them solely on their customer service alone, but they do offer great prices and even better items.


Tantus comes in at number two when it comes to affiliate programs. They have also impressed with their customer service. Not only do they offer great items, but if you are interested in joining their affiliate program and reviewing for them, they were very helpful. Their story is also great and inspiring. “Tantus was born from the hope and aspiration to make the lives of people throughout the world fun, worthwhile, and enjoyable. To make ordinary people smile, and challenge the ethos of and industry to bring what everyone truly desires – Sexual Happiness.” Their selection isn’t as large as some on this list, but their items are of great quality and worth trying.


Good vibrations is a really great site to shop at. They have a very wide selection of items at very reasonable prices. Their story links back to the late 1970’s, where the founder Joani Blank “pioneered an alternative to conventional adult stores by focusing on sex education and women’s pleasure. Quickly it became clear that men appreciated this approach as well, and over the years our emphasis on women has been maintained and expanded to include people across the gender spectrum.” A huge plus about working with Good Vibrations affiliate program, is Andy Duran. He is their affiliate manager and is very involved and offers a helping hand with any issues you may encounter. Have not had any issues with their service or items they offer. Overall you won’t be disappointed if you decide to buy from them.


Be Vibrant is relatively new to us, but they have been so wonderful out the gates, we had to put them on our list. They have a excellent selection of items. Really all their items are high quality and worth the purchase. Being part of their affiliate program so far has been great. Heather, their affiliate manager, has been wonderful and very involved with responding to any questions. Their site is simple and modern, easy to navigate, and has plenty of information on the products of interest. If you are looking for a high quality product, Be Vibrant is the place to go.


Lovehoney is widely known throughout the world, as they have two main locations in Europe and North America. They have a very wide selection of almost anything you can think of in the adult industry. They mainly make our list because they were the sole reason we began testing and reviewing items. Their webpage offers a very fun forum, where you can chat and discuss just about anything sexual and you should get an answer quickly. They offer a great secret testers program, where if you are lucky enough they send you items to test and review. Which this is exactly how we started. Not to mention everyone we have worked with at Lovehoney has been amazing. Their prices seem to run a little higher then other sites, but you can always find coupons, so you end up with great prices anyway. This is a great site if you feel like dipping your toes into the adult toy review industry.


BMS Factory is a Canadian owned company who has been around for awhile. They produce high quality sex toys for the evolving adult novelty market. BMS has been very generous to us and sent some extremely nice products our way for review. They offer over the top customer service and will answer any questions you have fast. They don’t offer an affiliate program, but they do have a lot of items to choose from and are always producing new lines of toys to try. If you haven’t heard of them, I highly recommend you give them a look.


EdenFantasys offers plenty to choose from and can be a really good spot to begin testing items. We joined their affiliate program and immediately began receiving a few items to test. You may not receive the highest of quality items right away, but you can get some great practice at writing reviews. They have specific guidelines you have to follow when writing reviews. The guidelines really help you with what to look for when testing and which category they may fall into. We haven’t reviewed for them in a while as they limit you at the items you can choose to review from. But if you aren’t interested in reviewing, but interested in purchasing, EdenFantasys has great deals and an assortment of items to choose from.


IMTOY reaches out to us while we were first updating our website and offered us one of their ZOO line products. We joined their affiliate program and decided to give their items a good review. Wow were we pleased. They have great customer service and their items are beautiful. We had tons of fun testing their Whale item from the ZOO collection. We are very excited to see what else is to come from IMTOY. If you ever have a chance to work with them or decide to try their products, you will definitely not be disappointed.


Meo is still too new to us to review yet. We have reached out to them earlier and they were wonderful! Very helpful and sent us a nice starter package to review. Once we do a little testing and reviews, I am sure we will have plenty to say about them. They do have some very kinky and fun items to choose from. So if you are on the kinkier side, I would highly recommend what they have to offer.